Dynamics CRM Sales

An integrated, easy-to-use CRM and collaboration solution such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your sales staff improve their success rates. It can accelerate the sales pipeline with more qualified sales leads; track important associations across partners, customers, and pending sales opportunities; enable distributed team selling; make it easier to create high-impact sales proposals; and free up more time to focus on selling. This integrated solution can also automate and improve the accuracy of sales forecasting through dashboard views of key sales metrics and snapshots of critical business indicators.


Improving Sales with Microsoft CRM

Generating leads, closing deals, and growing sales are the lifeblood of every organization. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to organize critical data, track opportunities, and easily generate quotes and much more. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will be able to capture the desired information regarding business and people you interact with when making sales. The use of Microsoft CRM will provide you an almost endless way to define relationships and ensure your customers and prospects are enjoying a world-class experience with your sales team.


Organize Client Records with Microsoft CRM

Perfect your sales process with Microsoft Dynamics CRM by segregating leads and automatically mapping lead information. Through the use of Microsoft CRM, you can qualify leads directly into Account, Contact, and Opportunity records. This will allow you to gather data, segments, markets, customers, and understand who buys what from your organization.


Customize Opportunities to your Business

Standardize the processes required for a new sale, and allow for the definition of sales stages with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Additional custom fields can be defined to the Opportunity or any Microsoft CRM record to capture your unique data. Ensure you don’t miss key information needed to close your opportunities and sales staff can pursue each opportunity properly resulting in increased close rates.


Integrate Microsoft CRM with Back-Office Systems

Easily integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with backend enterprise and ERP/BackOffice applications. Microsoft CRM will provide your business with better visibility for data that is stored in your back office system.